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Floor Plans
A successful project begins with a good floor plan. Our process is a logical and enjoyable
progression from conceptual plan to a finished home. We will take an existing 2D floor plan and rework it with the
owner present to create a plan that suites each individuals needs. Once the initial floor plan is created, it is fine-tuned
and "cleaned up" before it is created in a 3D model.

3D Modeling
We use a variety of 3D modeling tools to conceive and detail a design. These tools allow us greater freedom in developing the design, and allow the client better visualization of the finished project. Design options can be explored in the 3D model without the time-consuming task of updating multiple pages of the plan set. Detailed floor plans, elevations, foundation plans, etc. are created from the 3D model after the conceptual design is firmed up.

The 3D modeling process eliminates the guesswork of what the finished product will exactly look like. If a client knows exactly what the final product will look like, it provides for a more enjoyable building process since there is less worrying and headaches stemming from the unknown final product.

Efficient and Proven Process
Creating a well-designed, well-built home can take several different paths. An existing house can be modified and updated with a minor renovation or addition. An existing house can be disassembled and serve as the core of a more involved renovation. Or an entirely new house can be built in place of the existing house or on a different lot. Whatever path you take, our proven, efficient process will keep the project on target and budget.