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Our History
In 1979, Russell (Rusty) Scheibler Jr. started a home building and renovation business based on traditional family values with the simple goal of constructing the highest quality homes and additions while establishing strong, lasting relationships with his customers. Today, those same values and sound business practices continue in this family-run business. Joined with his son Travis, a Purdue University graduate of Building Construction Management, we continue the tradition of building the most beautiful homes in the area.

Our Company
Since we build a limited number of homes per year, our teams' full attention is on each project which allows us to deliver distinctive and luxurious features and finishes that are in many cases beyond what our customers expect. We are able to offer our customers more amenities and personalization than what is found in a typical "market" home. We are personally involved in each project and prefer a hands-on approach, which our clients appreciate.

Scheibler Design-Build keeps a majority of work in house utilizing our skilled foremen, carpenters, and laborers. This allows us to keep a tight control on quality and schedule. When subcontractors are utilized on our projects, we ensure they have a great track record of working on complex custom homes and keeping up with demanding schedules.

If you are looking for a local hands-on company that will work with you to build you the project of your dreams, give us
a call.

Each client has the opportunity to have an active role in the design and finish selection phases of their home.
We can build homes and additions to plans the customer specifically wants, or we are able to work with the customer to design a home that will fit their lifestyle and budget.

Often times more important than the final product, the process becomes the experience most remembered and most valued. We feel that our clients' needs form the process since each house is unique and deserves careful attention. The following three stages are the general process we take on building your new home.

Upon the initial meeting, we listen to our client's general ideas, style, and budget of their home. From this initial meeting, we are able to provide conceptual drawings, and floor plans, along with rough per-square-foot budgets. This allows our clients to make educated decisions on if they should or should not proceed with design and construction of their new home.

The initial meetings are at no cost to the client, thus allowing them to easily change their mind if their new home isn't achievable at this time.

After the client is satisfied with the conceptual drawings and budget, they can choose to enter into a contractual design agreement with us. Through a series of meetings, we will gather information from the client to further detail the home design and work with established architects to complete a set of drawings the customer can use for obtaining the loan, securing the permit, and eventually building the home. Along with these final drawings, the customer will receive a specific scope of work and finalized detailed price for Scheibler Design-Build to construct the home.

The design process has a fee associated with it that varies for each home depending upon complexity of home and detail of construction drawings. If the client chooses us to construct their new home, the fee for the design work will be deducted from the total price of the new home.

If the client chooses to work with us to build their dream home, we will enter into a construction contract either at an agreed upon price, or on a time and material basis.

As part of your Building Construction Agreement, you will receive a written construction schedule. Not only will you see the progression of the construction, you will also be given a timeline for decisions and selections to be made. You will also be provided with written information regarding designers and showrooms in the region to help facilitate the process.

Change orders are a fact of construction. Because homes are very detailed, what gets drawn on paper may or may not be what you want in the field. We strive to meet every one of the desires and if something can be changed, we will change it for you.

After your new home is complete, we will schedule a walk-thru with the customer. This will enable the client to inspect the home and make any necessary corrections prior to occupancy.

At any time in this process, the customer always has as "out". If Scheibler Design-Build does not construct the home after the drawings are complete, the client only has the agreed upon design cost associated with the project.

After construction, we've completed our punch lists and you have moved into your new home, our 1 year written warranty begins. Although we strive for zero defects prior to closing, and quality materials and workmanship are used in all of our homes, we are realistic enough to know that items may not perform as intended. When this occurs, we will make the necessary corrections. We encourage our clients to monitor the performance of their home and to keep us informed of any problems when they occur.